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Teacher-Facilitated Activities

Access Code involves daily teacher-facilitated whole group and small group instruction. The teacher-facilitated activities are organized as weekly units that target the same objectives of the computer-based curriculum.

By focusing on different aspects of targeted passages provided for each unit, the teacher facilitates a deeper understanding of both text meaning and text structure. Whole group readings, engagement questions and extended discussions set the stage for understanding the purpose of reading while building vocabulary and thinking skills to enhance comprehension. Small group instruction provides struggling students ample time and diverse opportunities (consistent with the Varied Practice Model) to practice and apply their newly acquired word recognition skills in a variety of contexts. To support the teacher-facilitated instruction, weekly easy-to-use teacher guides are available for each unit. (View Sample Lesson)

In addition, Access Code (Grades 5-8) provides a project-based learning curriculum that is appropriate for all middle school students. The personalized computer-based curriculum can be made available for those students who continue to struggle with foundational reading skills. The passages that accompany each unit in the Middle School Version are high interest, informational texts. A meaningful project has been developed for each of these passages to help teachers support and facilitate higher-level thinking and problem solving skills while students actively engage in speaking, listening, reading and writing activities. Again, for each unit, easy-to-use teacher guides are provided for each project. Teacher support materials include facilitation tips for each step of the project, an overview of the general framework, graphic organizers to support the process, rubrics correlated to the Common Core Standards for each step and a rubric for evaluation of the student presentation. (View General Framework)

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Foundations in Learning | Coralville, IA | Tel: 888-701-3009