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The Access Code Screener is designed to provide data on each student’s foundational word recognition skills and to profile the student’s understanding of, and ability to apply, ortho-phonemic skills. It provides teachers specific information as to the extent to which students have acquired foundational reading skills, as well as their ability to apply those rules to more complex words. The Screener can help determine which students would likely benefit by using Access Code, as well as measure growth. The Screener is internet-delivered and typically takes students about 45 minutes to complete.

Special Offer

Would it be helpful to you to see what deficits your student(s) have with foundational reading skills?

The Access Code Screener is now available at no charge, and with no commitment required. Simply fill out all of the fields below to register your account. You will be asked to confirm your account via email to complete your registration. Once you've confirmed your account you can login and enroll up to three students.

Once the student has completed the Screener we will send the results to you via email.

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Foundations in Learning | Coralville, IA | Tel: 888-701-3009  

Foundations in Learning | Coralville, IA | Tel: 888-701-3009