What do Special Needs Students need?



Learning activities must hold students’ attention and motivate them to do their best work.


Adaptive Curriculum

The curriculum must adjust to support individual learning requirements.


Oral instructions

Special Needs Students often benefit from having instructions presented to them orally.


Consistent Routine

A consistent schedule can be important for the success of Special Needs Students.


Immediate Feedback

Feedback is important for all learners to keep them motivated and to establish the relationship between what was taught and what was learned.


Benefits of Access Code

  • (engagement) The user interface and pacing of activities keeps students interested and motivated.


  • (adaptive) The curriculum and instructional design supports individual learning needs using multiple modalities (pictures, print, audition and tactile) in both perceptual and production tasks.


  • (oral instructions) Instructions for each of the lessons and activities are provided orally to facilitate understanding.


  • (consistent routine) Access Code's ease of implementation lends well to establishing the consistent schedule that is frequently vital for Special Needs Students to be successful. 


  • (feedback) Access Code provides immediate feedback to students so that they can see how they are doing and their progress toward activity and unit completion.

How Access Code Can Help






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Foundations in Learning | Coralville, IA | Tel: 888-701-3009