What do English Language Learners need?


Individualized experiences

English Language Learners need individualized, self-paced, hands-on experiences.



ELLs require frequent modeling of spoken language, including words, phrases and connected passages


Repeated instructions and support

ELLs often need opportunities to hear instructions and questions repeated in order to be able to understand and perform the task.


Opportunities to apply their skills

Like native English speakers, ELLs must have chances to apply and generalize their learning in a safe environment..


Benefits of Access Code

  • (individualized experiences) Access Code actively engages learners with hands-on activities in multi-media environment to practice, apply, and transfer their learning.  Information support is provided in many modalities—pictures, auditory, print and tactile.


  • (practice) The adaptive software allows students to initiate as many repetitions within tasks as desired and can repeat tasks again and again until they are comfortable.  Students receive immediate feedback on correct and incorrect responses.


  • (modeling) The private nature of the intervention allows for the modeling of spoken language and the ability to compare their production with the model without the possibility of embarrassing ELL students.


  • (repeated instructions) Clearly articulated, oral instructions are provided for each task and can be repeated as often as students need before they respond.  Additionally, the specific target words, syllables or phrases can be repeated as often as desired within the tasks.


  • (opportunities to apply) End-of-unit passages and poems give students, when they are ready, extra practice in reading words, sentences, and stories in order to build automaticity and fluency.

How Access Code Can Help






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Foundations in Learning | Coralville, IA | Tel: 888-701-3009