What do struggling middle school readers need?



Many struggling middle school students still have difficulties with syllables and have deficits in word attack skills that inhibit automaticity and fluency.


Opportunities to practice, practice, practice

Struggling middle school readers may have not been able to sufficiently practice their reading skills because of their challenges in learning to read.


Choice and control

Having choice and control are critical to engaging middle school students in learning situations. 


Engagement and motivation

Learning activities must hold students’ attention and motivate them to do their best work.


Enjoyment in reading

Middle school students who struggle with reading often say that they do not enjoy reading. 



Benefits of Access Code

  • (automaticity) Access Code enables the learner to repeatedly explore and work with all syllable types, and all vowels in various syllable types, in order to automatically read words


  • (practice) Access Code provides continuous and extensive opportunities to read target words individually and in connected text


  • (choice) The on-line software, while systematically progressing through levels of difficulty in decoding and word attack skills, also allows students to choose the order of task completion and to initiate repetitions as they wish.


  • (engagement) The intervention is organized around fast-paced tasks in a game format that allows them to earn points for quick and accurate behavior.  To be successful, the students must derive the relevant information to respond quickly and accurately (automatically).

  • (enjoyment) After using Access Code, students’ ability to more quickly and easily recognize new words and work with words in connected text reduces their view that reading is difficult and increases their enjoyment of reading.


How Access Code Can Help






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Foundations in Learning | Coralville, IA | Tel: 888-701-3009