What do struggling elementary readers need?



Struggling readers have problems with vowels and syllables that inhibit automaticity.


Parallel instruction in word recognition skills

Students need to be able to move quickly between a variety of word recognition skills, including decoding, word attack, and phrasing


Opportunities to apply their skills

Students need lots of chances to practice and to apply the skills they are learning to new words and connected text.


Support and reinforcement from teachers

The teacher is central to student learning and students need their teachers to provide motivation, reinforcement, and support at the right times


Learning activities must hold students’ attention and motivate them to do their best work.


Benefits of Access Code

  • (automaticity) Access Code's curriculum and instructional design is organized to ensure that students develop automatic word recognition skills.  Automaticity occurs when students can quickly apply and generalize their phonics¸ word attack and phrasing skills.

  • The curriculum is organized around vowels and syllables, two areas with which struggling readers have particular difficulties.


  • (parallel instruction) Students receive systematic instruction in word recognition skills in parallel– moving seamlessly between decoding, word attack and phrasing skills with lots of opportunity for practice.

  • (practice) The intervention includes numerous opportunities to apply reading skills to new and more complex words. Off-line poems and passages, supported by the teacher, allow students to transfer the skills they have been learning on the software to connected text.

  • (support) Email alerts and on-demand reports make it easy for teachers to monitor student progress regularly, reteach as necessary, and ensure that students are learning

  • (motivation) The on-line software provides an engaging, private format that allows the students to participate in a risk-free environment.  


How Access Code Can Help






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Foundations in Learning | Coralville, IA | Tel: 888-701-3009