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Foundations in Learning | Coralville, IA | Tel: 888-701-3009  

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The results of the Phase I and Phase II projects demonstrate the clear validity and reliability of iASK as a comprehensive assessment of middle school reading deficits. These research projects allowed us to optimize the design of iASK through iterative testing, to ensure effective measurement of student abilities in as rapid a time as possible.


Through comparison with standard measures of decoding and automaticity, we found that iASK effectively captures these constructs within a single assessment, while also measuring subcomponents of each. This provides individualized profiles of reading abilities for each student. Additionally, these computed scores provide diagnostic assessment of decoding and automaticity, offering a straightforward recommendation of which students would benefit from intervention. iASK not only provides a way to diagnose whether struggling middle school students have word-level reading problems, it identifies specific gaps in these foundational reading skills. Using the output of iASK, teachers and interventionists can attack the reading roadblocks of these at-risk students with more precisely targeted intervention.


These studies also demonstrated high test-retest reliability of iASK, demonstrating its potential for use as a gauge of progress during the school year. Multiple forms of iASK can be administered to the same student to effectively compare their risk factors and profile of skills before and after intervention.