The Iowa Assessment of Skills and Knowledge for Automatic Word Recognition and Decoding (iASK)

Company Overview

Foundations in Learning (FIL), located in Iowa City, Iowa is a provider of scientifically based, empirically derived intervention solutions for elementary and middle school age students. Our researchers and program developers have decades of experience in creating, testing, and providing schools with effective programs to meet the individual needs of their students. Our technology-delivered, research-based programs are supported by learning models that have been demonstrated to be effective in areas of learning that are particularly relevant to the development, application and generalization of reading and mathematics skills.


FIL was founded in 2009 by Drs. Carolyn Brown and Jerry Zimmermann, who have extensive experience in educational research, product and curriculum development, and organizational development. Prior to founding FIL, they developed a comprehensive reading program, Breakthrough to Literacy, which today is offered by McGraw-Hill. In 2006, Brown and Zimmermann began developing the curriculum for the blended reading intervention, Access Code, and founded FIL to develop and market it. FIL began marketing Access Code in late 2010. FIL’s staff focuses on Research/Development, Operations, and Implementation. FIL contracts for curriculum production, software engineering, and implementation support, and is in the process of establishing a distribution arrangement with a commercialization partner.

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